Why Entrepreneurs Should Follow Lean Startup Methodology

Are you an entrepreneur with an idea for a product or a service that can change the world? Youre not alone in that case. Every day, entrepreneurs all around the world think up new ideas, but very few of them actually take the next step and execute the idea and make it a reality. Most of the ideas die a slow death in the minds of people who keep waiting for permission and validation from others to start on the project of their dreams. The one key to achieving success in any startup venture is to follow a lean startup methodology and start with what you have and where you are. >

Why do the ideas die before becoming reality?

Most of the entrepreneurs give up on their ideas even if theyve pursued them for a while because they lack in their efforts to build a foundation on which to structure their ideas. Without falling into the trap of analysis paralysis, entrepreneurs should focus on the resources they have and what they can do with those resources. The keyword here is execution. Lean startup methodology, inspired from lean manufacturing process that was perfected in Japanese factories, puts focus on removing any waste material or efforts that dont add to the end product or produce any value for customers. This methodology is about getting things done in the quickest way possible, and if the method fails, then trying a new approach.

Advantages of following a lean startup methodology

By following a lean startup methodology, entrepreneurs can experiment with their alpha projects and then find out what works, what doesnt and what offers them more rewards for future. Most of the lean startup projects tweak and test till they have a product or service that finds a greater degree of acceptance among customers. The lean startup methodology allows entrepreneurs to quickly assess customer assumptions regarding a product or a service and at the same time find market traction for their entrepreneurial venture.

In essence, a lean startup business venture is innovation at its finest. It helps entrepreneurs in testing the product with their customers, bringing a working methodology into the process of innovation and also in building a ready customer base for the time when the product takes its final form. So, if youre an entrepreneur with an idea, look into the lean startup methodology and bring your product/services idea into the real world.

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